Farrall Doyle

Anne was born in Cheshire, and studied at Stockport College of Art, and eventually she took the plunge and entered into the world as a freelance illustrator.


In her own words.

My inspiration can come from the transience of nature or the intriguing social exchanges. The impact of light falling and changing becoming intertwined with complex shadows and reflections gaining always a graphic perfection.


My subject matter ranges from my surrounding earthscapes, people, still life, nature and animals. A visual excitement can be sparked by a knarled knot in a tree, gracefully limp grasses waving in a breeze, shimmering reflections in the field puddles. I so love to drift between cafes and streets capturing moments of happiness, loneliness and interaction. But always the deciding factor is the perfect balancing of colours and shapes, always the aim is just too far.


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