Elizabeth is a self-taught artist and her paintings are created using an exciting range of media often embellishing with very intricate detail. She loves the challenge of trying something new, which is reflected in the diversity of her work. Her use of different media and love of colour has continuously developed and evolved together with her use of resin. She loves the incredible shine and reflective properties of the resin often painting in between layers and each completed piece is coated with a glassy like finish.  For her these one off, unique pieces of art have a depth and beauty like nothing else. They have to be seen to be appreciated. Photographs just do not do them justice.

Elizabeth draws much of her inspiration from the Far East as her mother was born in Shanghai.  From the Geisha, koi and blossoms to the magnificent red crowned cranes, these subjects have such beauty and grace which fill her mind with endless possibilities.

Working flat on the table she has to constantly move around the canvas due to the fluid dynamics of the paint, using this energy to explore the evolving abstract elements of each piece.

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