Framing Holiday Snaps

So where has the summer gone.....


Make sure you remember it, have those holiday snaps framed and display them proudly. Let them remind you of the warm sunny days and the great holiday you had with the family. Do them justice by having them framed professionally at eXpression.


But what will suit your photos, well there are a few simple rules, like don't try and use a gold or warm coloured frame on a photo with lots of blue. The blue is cool and the gold is warm it just doesn't go.


We have added some examples below to give you a few ideas, but please do come in and talk to us about your exact requirements, we are always happy to help in any way we can.

Coloured frames can work well. This is a softer look than the bolder colours.

Try to pick out a colour that is similar to one in the photo.

Sometimes you cannot get the colours close enough and it just doesn't look quite right.

A soft silver frame with some distressing adds interest.

Soft silver frames can work well on photos of children.

A slightly darker textured silver frame.

A modern silver/black. A V groove in the mount adds extra detail

A modern silver frame. A V groove in the mount adds extra detail.


A distressed frame and a double mount, with the inner mount colour chosen to match the photo.

A traditional wood moulding and a triple mount. The thin coloured mount colour chosen to match the photo.