In his own words.

I have always loved painting and drawing, but when I was a lad at school in Norfolk, Art was never considered a career subject and certainly not encouraged, but in 1965 my family moved to Farnborough, and my new art teacher was brilliant, at age 15 I passed both O-Level and A-Level Art, then went on to Farnham Art School.


Leaving college my first career was in graphics, working for a while in London, then as an illustrator for Yellow Pages. I still continued to paint during my evenings and weekends developing my own painting techniques. I very soon began to realise that I couldn’t keep up with the demand for my paintings, so in 1984 I took the decision to give up my "day job" and paint full time


I have always been inspired by Constable and Turner, my favourite subject is the traditional landscape, using watercolour or acrylic as my main medium. I began using oils at Art School then moved on to acrylics and eventually watercolour, now a days I rarely paint in oils.

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