Alongside managing the gallery Tony is a passionate photographer, he loves nothing more than to go out for hours trying to capture that ethereal image, to make real what his minds eye sees. His subjects include wildlife as well as landscapes. He has also dabled in street photography which is a great way to speed up your artistic senses. You have to be ready, visualze what might happen, compose and capture the picture all in a few seconds.


In his own words..

I have gone through many phases with my photogarphy including trying to just record the image "staying pure" some might say, all the way through dramatic manipulations in photoshop. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that it does not matter how an image is created if it fulfills your vision. What really matters is making images that resonate with people, that convey something, a meaning, feeling or emotion.


There is simply no point in making "me to" images just like someone else, even your photographic heroes. You have to strive to be yourself and make your own "Candy for the eye, Food for the soul"

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